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HCBA Notice of Elections
Sunday, January 1, 2012

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HCBA Notice of Election
To:       Members of the HCBA
From:   Tom Nelson, Secretary
Any interested member is invited to apply for nomination or endorsement to serve as any of the following officers or representatives.  A chart of open positions is on this page.
To apply for nomination, please send a résumé and statement of interest by Feb. 10, 2012, to Nominating Committee, Hennepin County Bar Association, 600 Nicollet Mall, Suite 390, Minneapolis, MN 55402-1043.  For an application form, please check www.hcba.org/members/elections.aspx, or contact Mary-Margaret Zindren, executive director, at 612-752-6610 or mmz@hcba.org.
Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall nominate at least one nominee per officer or other election. No applicant shall communicate with the committee or any member of the committee about a matter relating to the committee’s business, except through the executive director.  For the committee’s procedures, rules, and policies, please contact the executive director at 612-752-6610. HCBA bylaws are available at www.hcba.org.
The Nominating Committee consists of: Hon. Toddrick Barnette; Tammy Friederichs; Gayle Hendley; Elizabeth Larsen; Marshall Lichty; Charles Lundberg; Jessica Maher; Robert Molienan; Candy Olson; Tom Sipkins; Ugo Ukabam; Michael Unger; Hon. Mary Vasaly; Edward T. Wahl (Chair); and Laurie Young.
The Board of Directors will elect the officers and representatives at its regular meeting on Mar. 13, 2012, at the HCBA offices, 600 Nicollet Mall, Suite 390, Minneapolis at 12:15 p.m.  The Nominating Committee will report its nomination for each office, after which a director may, from the floor, nominate any other eligible member for that office. Any unopposed nominee is automatically elected.
The board will likewise endorse candidates for the Supreme Court boards and other boards, which the MSBA Assembly will elect at its regular meeting on April 28, 2012. 
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