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Honoring Professionalism
Each year, the HCBA recognizes individuals for their commitment to the highest of professional standards in the legal community. These professionalism awards are granted in the belief that professionalism serves the best interests of clients, fosters respect and trust between lawyers and the public, promotes the efficient resolution of disputes, and improves the administration of justice. Two stalwarts of the profession—Thomas Tinkham (Dorsey &....
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Inside View: We Are Stewards of Civil Rights
Our civil rights are rooted in the U.S. Constitution and amendments that have evolved with society in over two hundred years. Civil rights issues of the twenty-first century continue to challenge the ability of all individuals to exercise their constitutional rights and liberties equally in everyday life.
The Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791. Federal civil rights laws and significant constitutional amendments were enacted after th....
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Rules of Engagement: Assessing the Use of Force Claims
Not a week goes by that some critical incident involving use of force by police officers does not make the news.  Whether in our own communities or across the country, police use of force, particularly deadly force, against citizens merits public attention and scrutiny.  The Star Tribune recently reported that beginning in 2009, St. Paul police officers have shot and killed 11 men, 9 of whom were people of color.1  The article also notes t....
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Marriage Equality Litigation
“Historic,” “unprecedented,” “monumental.” No single word fully encapsulates the magnitude and impact the past three years have had on marriage rights for gay and lesbian Americans. By the end of next month, the Supreme Court will decide whether gays and lesbians have a constitutional right to marry and whether states can permissibly deny them that right by refusing to issue them marriage licenses and/or denying recogn....
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