The Hennepin Lawyer

By Susan L. Anderson. Ms. Anderson is an attorney at Messerli & Kramer in Minneapolis, practicing in the areas of estate planning, probate, elder law, philanthropy, and business succession. In addition to practicing in the legal field, Ms. Anderson has experience as a president of a national trust company and working in a regional CPA firm.
Time for Transactional Law
All hail the dealmaker, and the lawyers who bring the deals to fruition! 
This issue of the Hennepin Lawyerfocuses on the deal-making aspects of transactional law. From a massive transaction involving millions of dollars and numerous entities to a trust for a single individual and his or her heirs, we have attempted to look at some of the varying aspects of the “stipulatio”of 451 b.c. Rome. These ancient contracts are often....
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Getting to Know Tanner Moe
Tanner Moe is an associate attorney at McEllistrem Fargione, a boutique plaintiff’s personal injury law firm that prides itself on customer service and its reputation in the legal community as an honest, highly knowledgeable firm of trial lawyers. He started clerking at “McFarg” in the spring of 2010 while he was still a first-year law student at William Mitchell. He continued in that role until he passed the bar in 2012 and then became an associate attorney. He ....
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From Your President: If not us, who, if not now, when?
This year I hope to explore the issues we collectively can (or cannot)  solve now (and not later) as members of the legal profession.  Hence, the “if not us, who, if not now, when” quote (the “Who-When Quote”).  I do not know if we as a profession are best equipped to immediately consider and solve all problems, but it is worthwhile to ponder our profession’s role in issues beyond the individual lawyer and to hear from members about the iss....
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The Copyright Notice - Do You Need It or Not?
Nothing is more endearing to me than seeing “Chaz 2015 ©” in childlike handwriting at the bottom of artwork by my 10-year-old nephew.  When he created three-dimensional artwork for me using colors and arrangements to my specifications, I was pleasantly surprised (this kid’s got talent) and more than happy to fill his young arteries with the fat and cholesterol contained in an ice cream treat.  More importantly, as it looked to me that he had turned an ....
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